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Professional Wrestling Pt. 2

Posted by emilyjones232 on March 22, 2017

As I stated in my previous blog post, I have never been a fan of professional wrestling or WWE. But, after watching it in class on Tuesday…

Just kidding, still not a fan. However, I began to truly notice how fake and theatrical the sport is. The sports commentator even called it “sports entertainment.” The two fights we watched in class were completely fake: full of fake punches and fake eyelashes. The wrestlers introductions were made to “taunt” their competitor, but the winner had already been mentally declared by the system.

The wrestlers are truly in it for the fame. The fans of the sport really keep it going through going to the matches and merchandise. At points of watching the fights, I could see why the fans are intrigued: it’s so visually engaging and shocking with every punch. Fans thrive on the atmosphere of the fights, regardless if they acknowledge the fight is staged or not as stated in “The Marks Have Gone Off-Script: Rogue Actors in the WWE’s Stands”. This type of fans is why professional wrestling can still afford to exist.


3 Responses to “Professional Wrestling Pt. 2”

  1. marylennoxhalf said

    I thought twice when the commentator said “sports entertainment” too! It was humorous to me, the over dramatic acting taking place. Especially the fake eyelashes!!

  2. connorfrederick12 said

    See. you’re only looking at the surface of it all. You aren’t taking into account the preparation that goes into these “fake” matches. Yes the matches outcome is already decided but, how they get to that point is not. Only certain large moves are choreographed but the rest of it for the most part, it authentic. These men and women are high caliber, trained athletes. They get hurt. They put their bodies on the line for it.

  3. The overexaggerated facial expressions, excessive makeup, and yelling taking place during these matches only leaves me to question how these wrestlers are able to keep up with such an act. In my opinion professional wrestling is not so much a sport as it is merely a form of entertainment in general.

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