Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Professional Wrestling Pt.1

Posted by amycorysite on March 22, 2017

The transition from watching and discussing soap operas to professional wrestling matches was certainly a larger dynamic to focus in on. Similar to my opinion on soap operas I find professional wrestling to rather dramatic in it’s own right as well. Both genres of television incorporate dramatic effects such as extreme facial expressions, body movement (obviously), and creating a new character to act as on the screen. Whether you go to see a professional wrestling match or watch it on television each of the contestants stay in character as they perform their sport. As they like to call it. Our culture in and outside of the world of media highlights the concept of having an underdog and a champion. This concept alone can be transfixed in various areas of television. The reason soap operas and professional wrestling have most likely prospered because each genre is made up of large casts of characters that rotate in and out of the series of events. As well as the immediate drama dictating the viewers engagement with each of the shows. The way professional wrestlers go about performing their sport is enhanced by their storytelling throughout the match. Similar to having an underdog and a champion, in professional wrestling there always seems to be a good guy versus a bad guy. Therefore, the audience finds the concept endearing and is more likely to be further engaged in the match. Soap Operas carry the same concept throughout their story lines. By doing so viewers keep returning to watch whether  the good guy or bad guy will win in the end.


One Response to “Professional Wrestling Pt.1”

  1. katemilner9 said

    I like the similarities you were able to draw between soap operas and wrestling, as I feel like you’re right in saying its a connection that not many make off the top of their head. The potential longevity of wrestling is something to consider with this, as while the tradition itself has lasted, unlike soaps, which can use the same actors for seasons on end, to make sure you’re good and attached, wrestling certainly takes more of a toll on the body. Is the more revolving door able to keep the same multi-generational pull on people?

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