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Bad Wrestling and Fake Eyelashes

Posted by laurenivey22 on March 22, 2017

In class on Tuesday, we watch the some WWE fights. We watched one between two females, one of which was the reigning champion, who’s name was Charlotte, and her challenger, Bailey. Both of the girls had on extremely heavy makeup, along with extremely long fake eyelashes, “fru-fru” outfits, and Charlotte even had her long hair down and curled. Besides the obvious sexualization of the fight between the two ladies, the moves were very scripted and obviously fake. Everytime one of the girls would pin the other down, they would just jump up like it was nothing at all, while the girl pinning them down seemed to just let go of their leg and not even put up a fight. When the girls would pick each other up, it almost looked as though they were helping each other and didn’t even put up a fight to get out of the hold. When one of the girls was “hurt” and just laid their on the floor while she clearly saw her opponent climbing and perching herself on the ropes and didn’t even make an attempt to move out of the way. It was almost laughable how terrible the acting and moves were.
We watched another WWE video involving reigning champion AJ Styles and the famous John Cena. While this one was a little more believable, it was still almost unbearable to watch. Everytime one guy would pin the other down, he somehow managed to get out before the 3 count and the guy holding him down seemed to make no effort to keep him down.. “its all for entertainment purposes.”
While many of the shows and movies we watch are also fiction, many people argue that wrestling is really no different. But then that brings about the question, “Can wrestling even be considered a sport if its all fake?” Something to think on.
While the transition from soap operas to WWE is very different, I feel that it will also be very interesting.

5 Responses to “Bad Wrestling and Fake Eyelashes”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I agree with you Lauren when it comes to the acting and “being for entertainment purposes.” Though most of the wrestling is planned or “not real”, the WWE’s business model and way of attracting fans is great, and I believe it will be around for years to come. Lastly, I like your question about “Is wrestling a sport since it’s all fake?”, but in my opinion would consider it a sport due to the fans, monetary value, and since it does take some type of athletic ability to do what these men and women do.

  2. faythleighann said

    I love that you mentioned this because that’s all we talked about while we were watching it. It is so obvious that every aspect to it is fake, except the excitement of the fans. I wouldn’t consider WWE wrestling a sport because despite the athleticism it seems to need from a wrestler, there is no real challenge. Jus like you mentioned, the wrestlers help each other so where is the threat?

  3. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    I like that you raise the question of if it should be called a sport. I really have been asking that myself. Perhaps now it’s only being called a sport to keep the suspension of disbelief going, for the enjoyment in ignoring that it’s fake for a little while.

  4. emilyjones232 said

    I like how you brought up the sexualization of the female fight. I know if I was ever in a fighting situation, I would not have fake eyelashes and curled hair!

  5. vene131 said

    Yeah I definitely agree with how ridiculous they are making the women look to ‘fight’ in wrestling. I don’t even keep my hair down on a normal day, so it makes no sense to wear it down to physically fight another human.

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