Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Posted by briannaembry on March 22, 2017

It is obviously a known fact that professional wrestling is a staged event. In fact, I was actually thinking on that fact after my last blog post. If its very well known that wrestling is fake, why is it so interesting to veiwers? I believe that this is basically because of the way the act is portrayed. Professional wrestling has so much energy from not only the performers, but from the fans as well. In one of Sam Ford’s pieces, he talks of how he interviewed different wrestling fans and how they acknowledged that although they know the act is basically fake, they still feel as if they need to provide “heat” to the situation. One fan acknowledged that few people are so into wrestling that they forget that it is actually scripted and so they provide the heat as if to not ruin the event. The energy of this event truly is demonstarated in the “spirit of wrestling.” The fans are happy to participate in this fan culture either way and I believe that the energy of both the fans and the performers is what really makes a wrestling match so interesting.


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