Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

WWE’s Story World and the Potentials of Transmedia Storytelling 

Posted by taylorbelcher on March 21, 2017

One of the assigned readings said, “Wrestling has been a significant player in early national television, early regional television, the home video market, pay-per-view, video-on-demand, “over-the-top” digital distribution, and a range of digital innovations in merchandising and storytelling, primarily because its core text—the live event—already exists and can be adapted with low budgets (and, outside of the WWE, often with low expectations as to the production quality).” This reminded me a lot about soap operas. If you really think about, wrestling and soap operas are actually pretty similar other than wrestling being a live event. They both contain dramatic storytelling, and I feel that the actors become the characters just like the wrestlers stay in character. Also just like the text says, it is low budget and has low expectations to the production quality. That is also another similarity between wrestling and soap operas. This next quote I came across also really stood out to me. It says, “Perhaps, WWE might be seen as “the ultimate alternate reality game,” with its constant blurring of distinctions between “real” and “fake” empowering extensive use of transmedia storytelling, as well as its extremely participatory relationship with its fans, who are able to shape the direction of the narrative at various points in the storytelling process.” When I was growing up watching wrestling, I honestly thought that all of it was real. I grew up watching it with my grandpa and dad. They finally told me that it wasn’t real when I was probably 9 or 10, and it kind of made me lose interest. I still watched it though because I had developed an interest in it. I also had a selection of my favorite wrestlers, and I liked cheering them on. My younger brother also started watching wrestling with us when he was about 6, and watching his enjoyment made me start to like it again. It kind of developed a connection between us that we could talk about, like my mom and I talking about soaps every day. 


One Response to “WWE’s Story World and the Potentials of Transmedia Storytelling ”

  1. jasendavis said

    I think you’re right about how wrestling has created a brand for themselves through multiple channels. For someone like myself who doesn’t watch, I obviously don’t consume the product, but it is impossible to avoid it. If I ever go to Wal-Mart, just walking past the toys, you can see an entire aisle of wrestling action figures. ESPN has recently begun covering WWE to the same extent they cover mainstream sports. It’s everywhere.

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