Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by tommistowers on March 21, 2017

Reading the articles about wrestling’s popularity and its influence on American culture made me realize that wrestling is a part of our culture. From learning about soap operas to WWE.  I don’t really like WWE or have never been interested in the fact of watching guys/girls fake fight. I realize that wrestling used to be very popular and viewed it then opened an opportunity for other fighting sports such as UFC fighting. Our culture would rather watch people actually fight than pretend fighting. WWE is a very scripted show unlike UFC. I did not know this until reading the articles about professional wrestling. Professional wrestling has a story line. Wrestling performance is also known as “wrestling storytelling” and what makes a good show. The audience makes their decision on if the wrestler is a “good” or “bad” character to the audience. The language of transmedia storytelling for pro wrestling is based on a collaborative performance among those on stage and those in the audience. WWE producers observe those around them about the quality of the athletic performance or the storyline direction. Since WWE is very scripted every move of their fighting is rehearsed and talk over with producers before airing. I never realized how much time and effort went into WWE. This was really weird to me to find out.


2 Responses to “WWE”

  1. I did watch a little bit of wrestling with my dad and grandpa in my childhood, but I also had no idea how much time and effort went into it. I didn’t know that all of it was fake until I was about 9 years old. It was very surprising to me. I was more of a fan of certain characters and what they represented than the actual fighting part itself.

  2. vene131 said

    I think it is cool who they have like a legit writing team and everything to figure out each show. Like I thought most of it was improv for a long time until my dad told me otherwise.

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