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Wrestling pt.1

Posted by marylennoxhalf on March 21, 2017

I have never thought much about professional wrestling. It has simply just been something that I will see on the tv, and skip over. The whole concept confused me. While I understood the sport, to the best of my ability, I was never able to fully grasp the idea. The dramatic reactions and fighting was not interesting for me to watch. Basically, I was thinking, “Why would someone want to do this to themselves?”

After reading the articles, I have a more clear understanding of Pro Wrestling and the way it is used as an “extra” representation of wrestling. There are tons of die hard wrestling fans, who actually enjoy going to see it live. While doing more research online, the scripts used in this sport are very interesting to me. The scripts are very planned. This makes it harder for me to understand why people just love it so much. Another interesting concept, is the good guy/villian role that is prevalent during week to week matches. One week, a certain wrestler could be the “good guy” and the next, he would be considered the “bad guy.” It is just like watching a series of a dramatic show, or play. I am glad to have read these articles, as I now understand more about the concept, and hopefully won’t be as close minded about it in the future.


One Response to “Wrestling pt.1”

  1. Sean Hull said

    I too am glad for the explanations given; though the “pro wrestling is fake” meme is pretty much omnipresent, nuanced examination of Pro Wrestling seems more unlikely to be encountered, so it’s a fine surprise to see it looked at more closely in an academic setting. Though perhaps I ought to value other parts of my college experience more highly, I find it deeply gratifying to gain a somewhat better grasp of this unique media phenomenon which, on retrospect, I have perhaps unfairly dismissed.

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