Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Back at it Again

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on March 21, 2017

After a long relaxing spring break it is time to get back to business and get back on the topic of WWE. Now after reading pages 169-183, I read that a man name Robert Greenwall was an early adopter of Netflix and when people watched his videos he just didn’t want them to watch them, but also to discuss the films. Before I go any deeper I think that it is a good concept to get biewers to talk about the films. I agree with this method because it gives the audience something to talk about the film they enjoy as well as promoting the film. The more you talk about it,m and post about it than it is a way more people will be interested in it and also want to see it. One great idea he had was hosting house parties, having them at churches, schools, bowling allies and just simply anywhere we’re a TV is at. Greenwall cares more about people enjoying the show discus them than the revenue. In my opinion,I don’t agree because I simply just live money too much but overall but the fact that he shares videos on a Facebook that encourage “friends” to promote and really talk about what is going on. With this coming into play I really feel like what Greenwall has going on isn’t bad at all and maybe if more fans would try and do it they would know the real meaning and messages behind the films they watch.


One Response to “Back at it Again”

  1. vene131 said

    Viewer parties are a big deal with a lot of shows and films. I know that with the Bachelor there are viewing parties where people get together just to talk about the show afterwards. This is something I think a lot of people do with their favorite shows if they have friends who like them, especially in dorms. I know people watch shows in the lobby a lot and talk about them afterwards.

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