Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

WWE Story World

Posted by kaufmansw on March 20, 2017

The thing that immediately stuck out to me when reading “WWE’s Story World and the Immersive Potentials of Transmedia Storytelling” was how big the WWE is considering how it started.  When you think of how trends are started today, you usually think of social media being the source or the key marketer.  Wrestling was quite the opposite.  Wrestling was marketed by word of mouth and was built upon how many people bought tickets.  The quote, “Traditionally, the only significant revenue for wrestling promoters came through ticket sales—putting an ass every 18 inches in the arena,” really put that into perspective for me.  Organizations such as the NCAA and NFL today generate lots of revenue through ticket sales but where they make their big money is through merchandise and commercials.  Companies pay outrageous amounts of money to have their product advertised during the game.  This year’s Super Bowl charged $5million dollars for every thirty second commercial.   There were over 100 commercials throughout the game so take a second to tally that up.  The fact that wrestling missed out on all of this money and stayed afloat said one thing, they had many dedicated fans.  One major strength of the WWE is how well they travel.  It usually takes people to see something with their own eyes to determine if they really like it or not but once they do, they’re hooked.  Fan interaction and public relations is something that the WWE has been really good with using to their advantage.  WWE has now taken it to a whole new level, having WWE video games to play, and matches being televised.  This is enhancing the awareness of the great sport.


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