Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

WWE and Transmedia

Posted by mackenzie brown on March 20, 2017

When I was younger I use to always watch WWE with my dad and brother. I literally always thought it was really until I was in middle school when I found out that it was actually quite fake. It may seem ignorant but I never thought of it to be fake when I was in grade school. It really does stress transmedia storytelling because they usually start out talking and going on with some story and the wrestlers talk and argue before they actually wrestle which builds suspense. It is sort of contradicting because WWE is actually live but it is staged. So this is where it can be confusing with transmedia storytelling. One of the essays touches on how there are different specials on TV with WWE each day and that makes it fall under the storytelling category. There is a cycle of the storytelling in pro wrestling on WWE which is different everyday on the live show. WWE has a very interactive website where people can keep up with the wrestlers and they also have a Twitter with trending hashtags when the show airs which is also very interactive for the audience. Wrestling is becoming very popular with women as well as men. When wrestling first started it was mainly just men but now there are so many women involved. Wrestlers are looked at as heroes these days by some fans. Just like we read in the essay about Mike Foley. WWE has become so popular and spread through media very prominently.


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