Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Wrestling Vs. UFC

Posted by adusheck on March 20, 2017

Reading the articles about wrestling’s popularity and its influence on American culture was very strange for me personally because I have never seen this myself. Although I realize that wrestling used to be very popular and followed I feel that it has lost that popularity to UFC which is not only very popular but also rakes in a ton of money for the fighters, way more than any pro wrestler would have even dreamed of making solely off fighting. It was also strange to read that some wrestlers were viewed as heroes considering that my entire life I have heard that WWE is fake fighting and I find a little bit of truth to that after watching a WWE fight and a UFC fight. I understand that they are two different fighting styles it still takes away from the authenticity. The girls, the merchandise, and wrestlers need to become movie stars or endorsers makes the argument that professional wrestling isn’t real even more believable. I understand that both John Cena and The Rock are getting old and wrestling isn’t ideal for them any longer but I feel that even before they were aging, both started to drift away from wrestling and leaned toward merchandise and movie appearances to continue to make money. I have yet to see a UFC fighter be pictured in a movie or television show and I honestly can’t even imagine it. It’s strange to me that wrestlers would be viewed as heroes as opposed to professionals in somewhat the same industry or clearly have much more passion and talent at what they do.


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