Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by lillieeastham on March 20, 2017

As much as people (myself included) like to bash on pro wrestling and call it fake, every time I stumble on it while flipping through the channels I find that it’s very hard to look away.

The acting is definitely over the top and the storylines unrealistic, but that’s half the fun. The fact that the owners of the company actually get involved in the plotlines shows that they are very self aware and that WWE is not meant to be compared with MMA fighting or boxing.

I also didn’t realize that WWE fighters lives are so strongly affected by the characters that they play. I think it is a really interesting line that they walk between actor and reality star. They almost get the worst of both worlds.

Reality stars lives are completely open and dissected by the public, however they are showing their actual lives and have almost complete control over the narrative. Actors are given a script and there is a direct understanding between them and the audience that it is merely a portrayal and not a representation of the actor themselves.


Wrestler’s have to follow a script while also maintaining the idea that their portrayal actually represents them in real life. As mentioned in the article, this can be very detrimental to both the performers and the company. I also think these problems will surely begin to fade as more and more people become aware of the fact that the WWE is fake and it becomes more like a television show.


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