Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Understanding Professional Wrestling Part 1

Posted by emilychildress329 on March 20, 2017

The transition from soap operas to professional wrestling, I was very shocked because we were going from a topic that I hadn’t had any prior knowledge about but actually found it interesting to a topic that I love! For as long as I can remember I always watched professional wrestling with my dad. I couldn’t name of names of famous wrestlers, but I could tell you what move they were known for if I had seen a picture.

Recently I have gotten into WWE diva wrestling because I love to see the women being included in Monday Night Raw. Something mentioned in one of the articles that we were in charge of reading touched on trying to regain popularity. I believe that by adding the WWE Divas and giving them their own show on E! allows the audience to gain a favorite through the show and then watch them when they are actually in the ring considering the television show does not always include their actual match.

My mind was blown when I read that WWE Monday Night Raw was rated in the top 10 for the most watched show on television. I had no idea that the show is actually popular, and that people actually look forward to Monday Night. I find myself being one of the only people in large amounts of people that actually watch the show. I later realized that being from a more southern part of the world that people probably preferred the Kentucky Derby over two grown men/women fighting for a belt.


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