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Understanding Professional Wrestling part 1

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on March 20, 2017

I know that as a child I watched WWE with my father. I was too young then to remember it now, but I’m told I was very into it. Since I have no memory of it, and he stopped watching before I got much older, I never knew anything about wrestling. I always thought it was legitimately wrestling, beating each other to a pulp. Even after I had learned wrestling was fake, I still didn’t know anything about how it worked. I had no idea how scripted it was, and that characters were written and performed in this way. I didn’t know how popular wrestling still was, either. This has really changed my understanding and view on professional wrestling.

I really enjoyed this part from the Mick Foley piece: “fans internalize their fandom and see the object of their fandom “as part of the self,” and thus fans read everything from this self-reflective lens.” It put into words things that I had kind of thought before but never really had a grasp on.


One Response to “Understanding Professional Wrestling part 1”

  1. I really enjoy the quote that you chose. I also watched WWE with my father growing up and also didn’t realize how much work they actually put into it because I thought all of it was real fighting, so I know exactly what you mean.

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