Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Understanding Professional Wresling Part 1

Posted by jasendavis on March 20, 2017

Growing up, my mother did not allow us to watch wrestling. She believed it was too violent and would influence her three boys in negative ways. The elderly lady from our church that watched us every weekday throughout the summer was a fanatic, however. My mother knew that, and she asked her to refrain from allowing us to watch any. Occasionally, she would forget (or maybe she didn’t care) and put in one of her videos from the box set on her entertainment center. I didn’t really have any vesting interest in wrestling, but the only match that I can remember seeing at her house was the match where Mick Foley well through the steel cage. I think the appeal to others and myself of Foley is obviously the fact that her didn’t look like any of the other wrestlers. That, and the fact that (at least from what I saw) he spent more time getting beat up than doing any of the beating. He had a resilience that appealed to people. He may not have won, but he never have up. I can see how he becomes an ideal figure for people to look up to. On the other hand, his everyday person appearance could be a negative. Do wrestlers really want everybody to think they can perform in ring? Is it safe for people to try the same stunts they see on TV without any type of training. I actually have a friend that had to be taken to the hospital because he was wrestling with another friend and a piledriver went poorly and fractured one of his cervical vertebrae. Does having a normal looking man performing some of these skills inspire people to recklessly attempt them even more than seeing a 6’5″ bag of muscle and body oil do it? I think it is a fair question to ask. 

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