Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by nasir502nasir on March 20, 2017

It is definitely UFC over WWE at this point in my life. After I found out WWE was fake when I was about 6 or 7 its popularity went down a lot to me. Also, I am much older than I was when WWE was probably at its peak or close to it back when people like the Rock were popular and Undertaker wasn’t old. WWE is basically a manly soap opera and I’m not here for that anymore. As I grew older the plot of wrestling got much less interesting and the violence of UFC got more appealing and the fact that it is real life and not fake was also much more appealing. WWE I feel has lost a lot of popularity because they have really started to run out of ideas and originality that isn’t just kind of overly silly. People getting hit with a chair out of nowhere or people hopping in the ring out of nowhere can only go so far. And some portions of wrestling are literally just them talking dramatically and going to another commercial again. UFC they come out and fight. It is so much more simple, to the point and appealing to a bigger audience of people. WWE has turned into something for the younger crowd and that’s about it. UFC holds more merit these days and brings more money. So as far as fighting goes, real fighting like the UFC and boxing are at the top and WWE is at the bottom.


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