Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Professional Wrestling a danger for pop culture

Posted by mackenzie brown on March 20, 2017

I never thought as professional wrestling to be harmful to our culture until reading the “I Was Stabbed 21 Times by Crazy Fans”: Pro Wrestling and Popular Concerns with Immersive Story Worlds essay. Now that I have read this I can actually see where and why it can be harmful to some people. Some fans may want to be like the wrestlers and would want to fight and maybe be aggressive with other people. So it truly can be a danger to pop culture these days if fans let it. I found the part of this essay where it explains that fans know that it is fake but they “forget” about the professional wrestling being fake. Once I found out that wrestling was fake I was very uninterested and thought it was kind of dumb. Some people are just okay with it and I realize now that some fans are so into it that they do truly forget that it is fake. It is very interesting that professional wrestling rooted from carnivals which was called kayfabe. There is also a lot of role playing in the stands which gets the fans super involved and makes things a lot more interesting for the audience in the stands but also the people watching from home. This helps the fans really feel like they are there and know what is actually gong on. But this can also go back to this being a danger to pop culture because it can get people thinking that it is okay to perform these actions outside of the ring.


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