Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Pro Wrestling, American Identity, and Gender

Posted by emilymorgan98 on March 20, 2017

One of the readings we had to do tonight started out with Mick Foley and then went more into pro wrestling. All of this was surprising to me because I have never watched any type of wrestling match ever. There is also no one in my family that is real big into it so it never has been in my life. The fact that it started out in civil war era was surprising. I did not realize that it has been around for so long. Another big surprise was the fact that Monday Night RAW is considered to be in the top 10 shows for cable. I never realized that it was a really big thing on cable nowadays. Or even, for that matter, that WWE is split up into two parts now. Compared to some other sports, like football or basketball, it is weird to think that wrestling is among the top 10 when it comes to cable T.V. It sort of makes me curious if it is because of where we are? I’m from a Louisville and basketball and football are huge there, especially UK and UofL; so because of this, part of me thinks I have never realized it is bigger then what it actually is has to do with the fact that maybe it does not have a huge audience here like in other places.

I never realized, nor would I have thought that wrestlers are considered to be type of characters like being the “antagonists” or “protagonists” and that they are scripted. I just thought two people go into a ring and fight until the other gives up. I don’t know, this whole read was a huge shock since I really don’t know much, if anything, about the sport.


2 Responses to “Pro Wrestling, American Identity, and Gender”

  1. kaufmansw said

    I was also shocked it was created in the Civil War Era. I am also from Louisville and have never seen a WWE match. I was shocked by how many people watched it.

  2. vene131 said

    Yeah I definitely agree that it might be because of our location and how big UofL and UofK is for us. My dad lives in Arkansas and wrestling is pretty huge there along with boxing. Like he and his friends watch it every night and I know a lot of the people there do, so maybe it is a location thing. But you’d think that because we have Muhammad Ali that wrestling would be kind of related to boxing and be bigger here than it is.

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