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OK, What Even is WWE 🤔

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on March 20, 2017

Just to start this off, I do in fact know what WWE is. I do not live under a rock. I am fairly aware of this “sport.” I was just trying to make a somewhat clever title for this first, post spring break blog post. Though before reading these essays that were written by our very own Sam Ford, I low key got a bit excited for the new topics for our class. I am by no means a big fan of wrestling, but I was absolutely NOT a fan of the Soap Operas section or Soap Operas in general.

After, reading the essays that were assigned to us. I found the whole idea of pro wrestling to be an extremely interesting concept. The whole idea of a fake, or staged sport is beyond me. It is essentially like watching a movie,  play, or television show. The concept brought up in one of the articles was the point that the characters can change their hero or villain status pretty much at will. So a wrestler in the WWE can essentially be a “good guy” for awhile, then the next week, they can decide to completely change their facade and become one of the unpopular villains. Sometimes this does not even happen by choice. This is because if the script writers decide to ostracize a certain wrestler and make him on of the “bad guys,” then they can. And just like in the Soap Operas, the fans will go along with all of this drama and still be loyal cult followers of the WWE.


2 Responses to “OK, What Even is WWE 🤔”

  1. emilyjones232 said

    I like how you compared the wrestlers to actors!

  2. I like how you mention, “It is essentially like watching a movie, play, or television show,” because as I was reading I was constantly comparing wrestling to movies or plays since they are pretty similar.

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