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WWE Memories

Posted by briannaembry on March 20, 2017

WWE and WWF played an important role in my life growing up. My favorite memories as a child were shared at my dad’s house on the weekends I would get to spend with him, watching wresting reruns on the old VHS tapes. The interesting part of this form of popular culture is that it has the potential to attract different audiences. Although the main target audience of WWE or WWF are young adult males, this media combines different aspects that may attract a more broader audience. WWE/WWF combines the genres of drama, athletics and even romance into entity. I remember after the Macho Man Randy Savage passed so suddenly, my dad and I watched reruns of his matches that staged the romance between he and his lover Elizabeth and the drama with her affair with his own teammate,  Hulk Hogan and her previous relationship with Rick Flair and how that played out within matches. The fact that some aspects within the WWE/WWF culture could interest many is important because the content within WWE/WWF is very much participatory. Unlike other sports, this form of media features “heros” and “villians” which is represented by their popularity. In the case of Mike Foley, audiences believed and rooted for him because he was seen as the underdog. Although he was not built as mist of the stereotypical wrestlers,  Foley, with his unattractive looks and pear-shaped body, related to the audience in such a way that made them stand behind him.


One Response to “WWE Memories”

  1. Some of my memories were a little more recent. My favorite memories were of John Cena and Triple H going at it for titles against people like The Miz and Randy Orton. It is sad that wrestling has kind of lost its appeal to me over time. But oh well.

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