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Soap Operas P2

Posted by katemilner9 on March 9, 2017

Nine months in advance before a show’s cancellation is a decent warning, especially when you consider that those nine months will have five episodes a week every week. You think that would be plenty of time to wrap things up, tie it all together, and call it a day, but fans of As The World Turns disagreed. And when your fans have been your fans for decades, and they’re still watching as closely as ever, there might be a little more pressure to do the job right. Fan interaction with a show is interesting enough, but when you consider how you might interact with a show like this, that you’ve been so consistently and deeply invested in for so long, you can imagine how that might change the game.

The section about the soap opera press was most interesting to me, because that’s always been something that interested me. Since I was little, and my grandmother explained to me that, no, the people on that magazine weren’t real, they were TV characters, I wondered why more genres didn’t adopt this. It makes a little more sense now how soap operas warrant this kind of extensive documentation over other shows, but it became more clear reading this week how many of our online fandom spaces have modeled around the soap opera press model: we share theories, behind the scenes facts, recaps, look for each other’s opinions. This was just a reminder that regardless of how it sometimes feels, fandom is nothing new.


5 Responses to “Soap Operas P2”

  1. jacobkaraglanis said

    I also feel like the amount of time they had to wrap up their series was a considerable bit. Though I also feel as though after 54 years, there are so many different trails and branches on the tree of the show, that it would be nearly impossible to cap or tie off every loose end of the show. Which to me is extremely annoying in a show or movie, because I need resolution. Therefore I could absolutely NOT be a Soap Opera fan.

  2. lillieeastham said

    I hadn’t thought about the correlation between blogs about shows and the soap opera magazines. Really good point!

  3. tommistowers said

    I too believe I could not be a soap opera fan. If someone decided to get rid of a show that I have been watching for years just would leave me amazed. After the show finished I would constantly relate ever show I watched back to that soap opera. Good point!!!

  4. emilychildress329 said

    I completely agree with you. I think that with a show airing 5 days a week and a cancellation date 9 months ahead hat it should be easy for the show to wrap things up within that time frame.

  5. jasendavis said

    I never thought about this story in relation to the implicit contract that we have discussed in class. The producers and writers may have a responsibility to the fans to close the series with a trip down memory lane. That’s an interesting point to be made.

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