Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Still Soap Operas…

Posted by laurenivey22 on March 8, 2017

There were some pretty interesting things in tonight’s reading about Soap Operas. The main point I tended to focus on and I believe the essay tended to focus on was the big impact soap operas have on their viewers and fans. Who doesn’t love mystery and drama? Once a person views a show for a certain amount of time, they feel involved in the storyline, as though the events are happening to themselves as well as the actors/actresses, and the soap opera companies definitely use this to their overall advantage.

When viewers have watched the show for a while, they become antsy and anxious when an episode ends and they have to wait an entire day or even week to see the next one. This makes the anticipation so  much more intriguing and causes viewers to continue to watch the show because they are hooked.

Soap Operas are also applauded for their realistic world problems and events. While there are many good TV shows or even movies such as “The Vampire Diaries” or “Harry Potter”, they are unrealistic due to vampires not being real, and the magical spells the Harry Potter movies enforce are not something viewers can relate to. Having a show, like a soap opera that has somewhat realistic views on the world and events happening today is relatable for fans, even though it is quite a bit more dramatic than usual.

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