Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soaps pt 2

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on March 8, 2017

After reading our assigned passages about Soap Operas and watching the Soap Operas from class on Tuesday. I quickly lost interest in both the reading about Soaps and the actual TV show that was being played for us. That being said, the type of show was never really meant to appeal to me as an audience member. Considering the fact they were made for middle aged women and not college aged men. But with all of my boredom aside, I found the part of the reading that said that Soap worlds do not have ends in them. This is interesting to me because they basically never end. This is seen with the ridiculous longevity that is a common thing for many Soap series. Like the example from the article,  As The World Turns was a Soap Opera that lasted a total of 54 freaking years…  Which is an astonishing thing for me to comprehend because my favorite shows like Friends or Breaking Bad only last 10 years or 5 years. Which for me, seemed like a truly long time. This made me think of how truly dedicated these Soap watchers had to be, for I have no clue how I would be able to watch 54 years worth of any television show. Also, there’s no way that every viewer was able to start the series at its creation and watch it until its end. Some of the original viewers had probably passed away and the newer viewers must have had some heck of a way to catch up on the shows that they missed. Therefore, all in all, my point about Soap Operas is that they have wildly dedicated followers and their media is very lengthy, unique, and unlike any other.


2 Responses to “Soaps pt 2”

  1. tommistowers said

    For shows like Friends and Breaking Bad there is still hope. Since Netflix is at it’s peak the longer those shows continue to stay on their the more opportunity these shows have to continue to strive and have fans. For soap operas it blows my mind away to thing that people can watch these for decades and still be interested.

  2. emilychildress329 said

    I agree with you that soap operas do not appeal to our generation at all. I feel like if a show or soap wanted to get anywhere then they would try to appeal to any generation.

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