Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soap Operas Pt.2

Posted by marylennoxhalf on March 8, 2017

What I found most interesting about this reading, was the big impact soap operas have on the viewers. People love drama, and soap operas have a way of grasping onto the viewer, and they use that to their benefit. While being an active watcher, viewers are becoming so infatuated with the plots, that they are almost desperate for new episodes. Shows today, also grab the viewer’s attention.

One of the biggest differences I have noticed, though, is the realistic plots and characters in the soap operas, that could make a difference in fan’s interest. Some shows that I watch today, are simply not realistic. May there be a random supernatural power or an unrealistic  friendship, most likely those things will not relate to me. Reality shows, though, are over all just normal people, although famous. These are more realistic to understand and compare to my own life. Soap operas, though being dramatic, tons of people relate and appreciate it.

Endings of the soap opera also make a huge difference in fan’s appreciation of the show. If the show does not end how fans would want it to, there can be a big problem with the over all view of the show. After watching many seasons of a show, you expect and worth-while ending.


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