Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soap Operas pt. 2

Posted by nasir502nasir on March 8, 2017

So the subject is still soap operas. In class Tuesday, I was not very interested in the soap opera being shown. I don’t know if it was the fact that I didn’t, and never really have enjoyed, soap operas, if it was because of the “decline” of soap operas, or if it is because I just don’t enjoy TV as a whole that much anymore. Nevertheless, I had very little interest in what was going on. I couldn’t describe it to you in the slightest detail, but you know. Everybody has their own interests. And soap operas have never been mine. From the reading, I found the part that said that soap operas never end to be interesting because when you think about it they really never end. It is basically like a whole lifetime event. There are always multiple stories going on and no matter what until the end of the series or when the show gets canceled it never ends. Soap operas do seem to be applauded for their realistic problems though. It is the fact that they take some of the problems overboard that really kills me. If soap operas were more mild with things, if that is a good way to put it maybe I’d be able to keep the little interest that I have in it. It always has to be cheating, murder, undercover hatred and things of that nature. I just think sometimes the characters in the show need to chill.


2 Responses to “Soap Operas pt. 2”

  1. jacobkaraglanis said

    I agree with you in the fact that Soaps are just absolutely not my thing. I also agree with the article that the problems that arise in Soap Operas are a lot more realistic than those that are in popular movies and TV shows today. Like there are no spies or explosions or anything ridiculous. Which I also feel like that is what makes me find Soap Operas boring.

  2. emilyfalicaa said

    I like phrasing the longevity of soap operas as a lifelong event. Because they play out for so many years you get to grow with them in a more realistic way. It forms as an extension of reality due to it occurring in real time.

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