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Soap Operas Part 2

Posted by emilychildress329 on March 8, 2017

When reading today, I got further knowledge about the world of soap operas that really added on to what I read over for Tuesday’s blog. I was really blown away by the way the reading focused on the characters and the audience of the soap operas. The way that soap operas are set up, like most shows, is to let the audience beg for more. As each week passes, the creators of the soaps try to leave a dramatic ending to the episode that will allow the audience to dig deeper into the show, which is a huge goal in the television world anyways.

When watching the soaps in class the other day, I really got a feel for how this works. To my surprise, they actually were not that bad and I did not think that they were as cheesy as I had previously stated in an earlier blog post. I wanted to watch more of them and actually keep up with them to find out what would happen next. I never really understood the impact that soap operas, like any television show had on the audience. Fans go crazy over the finales not going how they want them too, or having a plot twist that they just cant get over.  I think that soap operas give off a certain type of spunk that makes the fans actually want more. Although I will admit I thought that they were goofy, I do understand them think that they give off a certain vibe that is actually appealing to even my generation.

One Response to “Soap Operas Part 2”

  1. emilyfalicaa said

    Every episode having a dramatic ending is exactly why I love soaps so much. With regular TV shows they have better plots, but you get a lot of filler episodes. While soaps are dramatic and everywhere, each episode leaves you hanging and ready for the next day

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