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Soap operas

Posted by tommistowers on March 8, 2017

While reading As the World Turns: Season 52, Episode 181, there were several points that I came across made me realize how much I don’t like soap operas. Although, I don’t like the soap opera shows, I did get a better understand on how the producers do. The producers try to get the audience into their own hands. While writing my blog post on Tuesday I was really focused on the audience aspect of soap operas. Soaps are commonly referred to as ‘worlds without end,’” making it unsuccessful and “unsatisfactory” if it were to end. The audience is the reason soap operas are striving. The fans continue to beg for more by sending letters. Therefore, during the finales the fans go crazy because the end is not the way they wanted it to end. Thus, fans “build community through interpretation, speculation, and criticism” of their favorite soaps. Of course, all television shows are prone to be discussed and dissected by fans, but only soap operas allow viewers to “know each member intimately.” Viewers see these characters so much, in fact, that they begin to feel like they know the characters personally. The audience becomes more attached to the characters. Soap opera characters to the audience are more “real” than characters in movies or on weekly premiered shows.

During these two readings, I have really realized how soap operas are succeeding in today’s world. I find it very shocking that they are still continued to be played but after reading these readings, I have found out people truly like soap operas because it is practically based around their life.


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