Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soap Opera pt 2

Posted by adusheck on March 8, 2017

During the reading on soap operas I found it interesting that the text states that soap opera characters are more “real” than characters in movies or on weekly premiered shows. I found this interesting because although you are seeing these characters on screen more often than the others, the events that happen in their lives are somewhat far-fetched. Not to say that movies and television shows are not far-fetched sometimes but I will say that the daily lives of characters on shows such as Parenthood or even Greys Anatomy is somewhat more realistic than what happens on soap operas. Typically, these characters do not die and come back to life, sleep around with the whole town, or murder people over petty arguments. But I guess in comparison with shows such as Vampire Diaries it is safe to say that a soap opera character may be more realistic than a vampire. While I agree that the intimate level that we get to know soap characters at may lead us to feel a certain closeness to them I don’t agree that we don’t have this same closeness with other shows characters. I feel that with mostly any movie or television character you are going to feel a sense of closeness because it is usually omniscient meaning we know literally everything happening in their life and how they are feeling about it. This is why we tend to feel bad for a bad character even after they have done something terrible, because we typically know what motivated them to do whatever they did and also know all the feelings that they have about it.


One Response to “Soap Opera pt 2”

  1. vene131 said

    I agree with the fact that you can feel just as connected to characters from shows that only come on once a week in comparison to characters from soap operas. I think it’s just about how significant a connection you feel with a character depicts the level of dedication you have to them. Like if you see a character and you’re like wow about me than you’re more likely to connect with them rather than a character you just see a lot.

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