Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Part Two

Posted by emmaeled on March 8, 2017

I believe soap operas could have done more to enhance their fan clubs. The could have taken note from those at Ghost Whisperer and reached out and gone behind the scenes. Actually, the more I think about it, their situations are completely different. Ghost Whisperer, while it had many fans, was on once a week, for only a certain amount of weeks a year. So the online forums and backstories and interactions were sort of a neccessity to keep the fans reminded about their story in the off seasons.

Soap operas however are on everyday five days a week. Doing all the extra stuff would too time consuming and honestly probably wouldn’t do much since fans are already investing so much in being home or recording their shows the majority of the week and basically their lives.

I do like how the journal mentioned that the fans wrote and cheered for a certain actor and his character and the writers and producers saw that and gave him a contract. Some times things happen in our favorite shows and literally everyone who has been watching since day one is like “What the heck why would you do that, that is not suppose to happen, I hate Dan Humphreys and every thing he stands for he doesn’t deserve to marry Serena.” (Yes, I am still bitter about the ending of Gossip Girl). Being able to have the power to say this is what we want is amazing and makes the show the audiences. On the other hand I think some of it takes away from the creativity of the writers. Sure, they do things we don’t agree with sometimes, like marry our favorite characters to egotistical sociopaths, but they’re the professionals and the creative geniuses that have hooked us this far. So why not trust them?


One Response to “Part Two”

  1. I agree with what you’re saying. I think that it would be over the top if soaps had extra stuff, since the fans are already invested. Since it’s like an every day story, it’s kind of difficult to draw in new fans. I also totally agree about Gossip Girl by the way. I also agree with you when you say that it takes away the creativity of the writers.

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