Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

March 2nd

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on March 8, 2017

I don’t know about you guys but, when you think of soap operas don’t you think about long boring stories that just have drama and tears? Well for some reason after a long period of time they are still around and as far as I know they are not going away no time soon. In the book is says the reason why these shows are still around because, “they provide a story to tell the universe substantially larger than the show itself.” What this is basically saying is that they show is relatable to real like people that may go throw the same thing in their everyday life. To me soap operas is just a way to hypnotize females make men look bad or make them seem like we are always in the wrong. The difference between soap operas and regular tv like sports or cartoons is that the franchise makes a lot of money because, with sports and cartoons you can still products like shits or jerseys, toys, and even ¬†souvenirs. For example, for WWE the franchise gain money from it when fans buy tickets, order it from pay per view, DVDs, and even video games. All of these products give the franchise an enormous amount of money and advantage unlike soap operas do because it or not that special. Overall, soap operas are really a waste, if they went away right as we speak than it wouldn’t matter no one would even notice unless it’s your grandparents,mothers and aunties that find these type of shows interesting.



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