Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

As the World Turns: Season 52, Episode 181

Posted by taylorbelcher on March 8, 2017

While reading “As the World Turns: Season 52, Episode 181,” there were several points that I came across to be noteworthy. Towards the beginning, it was mentioned that “Soaps are commonly referred to as ‘worlds without end,’” making it unsuccessful and “unsatisfactory” if it were to end. Another thing that I thought was interesting was when the reading talked about the recasting of actors for the same character on the soap. It said, “In some cases, a host of actors had each taken their pass at the same role. (For instance, thirteen different actors had been billed as playing Tom Hughes [Ford 2011]).” This reminded me of when I first started watching All My Children, I was used to Alexa Havins playing Babe and Rebecca Budig as Greenlee. However, I remember this one day I sat down to watch it with my mom, and they had changed the actresses that were playing these characters. Amanda Baker was now Babe, and Sabine Singh was Greenlee. They just acted as if they had been there all along and nothing had changed even though the viewers could tell that it wasn’t the same actresses. They didn’t change them both at the same time, but I didn’t like that it wasn’t the original people that I grew attached to watching the show.

The reading also says, “ATWT’s intergenerational fan base had primarily either been watching the series for a significant portion of its run and/or had the show handed down to them from previous generations of viewers who had passed down wisdom of Oakdale lore like town elders…” This is also relatable to me even though I never watched ATWT because this is how I began watching soaps. Like I’ve mentioned before, I started watching All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital because my grandmother and mom had watched it and got me watching it with them.

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