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The Soap Operas Impact On TV

Posted by connorfrederick12 on March 7, 2017

I personally despise soap operas. I feel like everything in the shows are just so exaggerated, the plot of the shows is predictable and I really don’t like how the camera work looks. But, it is impossible to acknowledge what soap operas have done for the television industry. Being able to produce 260 one hour long episodes a year is no easy feat. The production value of the shows is pretty low but, producers are not trying to put on a spectacle. The producers have found a way to pack an enormous amount of the story into these hour-long episode, causing the audience to want to come back and watch the next day, and the next day and so on.

Growing up, my parents would take me to my grandmother’s house during the day in the summer and I remember her watching “Days of Our Lives” (airing from November 8, 1965 to present day with 13,040 episodes) every day. Of course, I didn’t watch it but, looking back now I see how soap operas gets the attention of some viewers.

We discussed in class last week on why they were called soap operas, and who the shows targeted audience is. The show producers did an amazing job going after their intended audience of stay at home wives and other stay at home women, keeping a show going for 50+ years is no easy task, especially on daytime tv. But, soaps were some of the first shows to incorporate a story that continued from episode to episode, much like most popular television shows today.


4 Responses to “The Soap Operas Impact On TV”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I agree with you Connor and am honestly impressed with how the producers and actors/actresses continue to make so many episodes. Also, I myself have seen first-hand in my life how soap operas gain one’s attention, since my mom loves Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless. Lastly, though soap operas aren’t my favorite thing to watch either, I do believe they have a large influence on the modern television industry due to their years and years of success.

  2. emilymorgan98 said

    I agree with you as well. Even though soap operas seem a little bit silly, they are not really intended for our age group. I am impressed with them though like you are when it comes to how often new episodes air and the time it takes to do all that. Even though i was never into them, my mom and grandmother were. I also agree with the comment about them appealing to the older audience, a lot of older generation I know love them.

  3. emilyjones232 said

    I am not a big fan of soap operas, but I understand their cultural significance. These shows target a different demographic and the amount of fan support is the reason they are so popular even today.

  4. laurenivey22 said

    I definitely agree when Emily said that soap operas are clearly not intended for our age group. My mother used to watch soap operas all the time when I was a child. I remember her always turning on “Days of our Lives” when I went down for my 2:00 nap, and then again when I would go outside to play with friends, and then again when I would be watching one of my tv shows on the television after I got home from school, and she would walk in after work and sit down and watch her “Days of our Lives” she recorded everyday. My grandmother also watches the show which makes me realize that soap operas REALLY aren’t intended for our generation.

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