Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soap Operas.

Posted by amycorysite on March 7, 2017

So much of the reading from last night expressed how Soap Operas are focused more so around the characters than it is about the setting or concept of the television show. Soap Operas in my opinion are a huge waste of time. The decline of Soap Opera publicity may be a culprit towards furthering my own opinion. A side from that I can not see how networks continue to produce these sappy shows as they are only hurting themselves. The plot line to many Soap Operas drag out like a bad movie when you’re stuck in a theater for the next two hours. Soap Operas to me have become too unreliable for my liking. The melodramatic reactions and music carrying in the background of each gasp leaves me annoyed to no end. Im left baffled to believe a Soap Opera like General Hospital for instance having over 13,722 episodes would qualify for a life time of entertainment. 13,722 sounds like one too many episodes that would inevitably overlap one another, and at that point whats the gist in continuing watching the show? The theme of each show begins to run together and is easy enough for any viewer to guess correctly what will happen next. The reoccurring plot of deaths, marriages, cheating scandals, or horrific family secrets can get old after so many seasons. The main audience watching these Soap operas are stay at home women for the most part. I would imagine they eventually will watch a few of these shows, but as they linger on, become simply back ground music for the women working in the kitchen. All in all, the decline of Soap Operas remains inevitable.


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