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Soap Operas

Posted by nasir502nasir on March 7, 2017

To be honest, I am not even sure of my own opinion about soap operas. I feel as if they are for women, of course, which was the original intent of them being made for day time television. But as far as my stance and opinion on them I guess i can say i have mixed feelings about them. It is sort of an ongoing story, but at the same time soap operas always have so many different things going on in them at the same time. It is hard to keep up sometimes and it can be hard to pay attention to all of it. Like it was discussed in class, one scene can just come in and have nothing to do with the last scene or the other part of the show. And you don’t get any context or anything, You are just kind of put there like here you go. The article basically states that soap operas are more about the characters of the show than the setting or the idea behind it. That is probably one reason soap operas have been on the decline. These days you have to have all the elements of a show for people to watch it and be interested in what they are watching. Also, a lot of soap operas have similar plots to them, which is also something that has been contributing to the decline of their popularity in this new era of entertainment.

2 Responses to “Soap Operas”

  1. connorfrederick12 said

    The decline of soap operas is pretty apparent. There aren’t as many stay at home wives now day. But, also the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have dramatically changed tv. People can find a show to watch on the streaming services that are way more entertaining than a soap opera.

  2. laurenivey22 said

    I agree that the main audience of soap operas are women and usually stay at home mothers. But not all people who watch soap operas are women,. My mom would have the show recorded and sometimes watch it whenever we were having oue family dinner and my dad and sister would almost always get into the plot while watching it. (I was never really a soap operas fan.) There were other times when my mom would sit down to watch it and sometimes my dad would even join and sometimes my sister to. So in my household at least, soap operas are watched by all ages and genders.

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