Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Day the World Stopped Turning

Posted by tommistowers on March 6, 2017

Today I focused on two focal points for the post. The first one I focused on way Soap operas and the history of fan discussion. I chose this one because without fans soap operas wouldn’t last long. The second article I focused on was The Day the World Stopped Turning.

While reading Soap operas and the history of fan discussion, I leaned about the first form of fan activity. Fan activity at the time came from individual letters that writers wrote to voice their opinion to producers. Individual or small groups documented anecdotally in press accounts passionate in their care and a concern about the characters in the shows. Fan letters provide the way for small groups or people to try and create a connection to the show and the characters. This brings me to my next point that was found on The Day the World Stopped Turning. The relationship the audience and the character is what keeps the show going. The connection from the audience to the show is very important. Fans often feel with “their story” that drives them to continue watching the show. Soap operas often tackle contemporary concerns and social issues while film. These include divorce, rape, interracial marriage, family issues, and other social issue stories. Soap operas have always and continue to correlate with the lives of their viewers. The one thing viewers do not like are the conclusion or in other words the finale. The finale is to be unsatisfying to the viewer and not what they expect since they put the show in their own perspective.


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