Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soaps have feelings too

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on March 6, 2017

After going through the reading that was assigned to us (and written by our very own Sam Ford), I became very intrigued by the art of the Soap Opera. Personally, my opinion of Soaps has always been a very negative one. This is simply due to the fact that society has always thought less of them as entertainment and has taken pretty much any shot that they can possibly take at this form of media. I have seen this very often in my daily life with actors calling Soap stars not real actors, with all of the parodies that are made of them on show’s like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon , and on other serial TV shows such as Friends where Joey plays a Soap actor on “Days of Our Lives” and he is never taken seriously as an entertainer or actor.

And after our last class with Sam talking about it and after our reading where he writes about it, I found it to be very funny how society was partially right and how Sam was also partially right. While even the name Soap Opera is a putdown of Soaps, many people believed (and still do believe) that these programs are lowbrow and meaningless entertainment, because of their wild plots and constant character changes. Though they might be correct that the content might not be prime. Sam is correct with his statements on them that they are meaningful to our culture because they often are touching on real issues going on, and they also appeal to a specific audience that has let them stay around and somewhat thrive off of their fans! So therefore, I must say that, even though it might be low quality TV and may have been made for older women who stay home, they still deserve to be respected as a legitimate form of entertainment that is pertinent to our history and cultural development.

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