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Soap Operas vs. Netflix

Posted by emmaeled on March 6, 2017

Honestly the thought of watching the same show everyday, for several years, and constantly having character’s change, break up, die, move, get back together, come back to life, end up having a twin no one knew about, die, and cheat on each other all while introducing new characters even now and then stresses me out. I am currently watching Sons of Anarchy, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the city (for the second time), Parks and Recreation, and a Series of Unfortunate Events, and every time someone dies or breaks up I have to take and switch to the next show in the rotation. It’s too much to be keeping up with the amount of drama in one show all the time.

How do people watch soap operas everyday all the time? It could be that I just can’t grasp the idea of not having every season of something available at my fingertips and being able to decide when and where I watch it. I mean before DVR or VCR people literally had to be on their couch at a certain time everyday to catch these things. I know it was bored house wives, but c’mon you’ve got to have something other than this to do. Surely time could have been better spent volunteering at a hospital or sewing or something.

I get the appeal but then again I don’t. Sure, you get attached to these people and you want to know the end game. I have never watched a show on Netflix and not googled “Does ______ die in season _______” or something similar. I think these shows are slowly dying out because the lack of attention span in today’s audiences. We cry when our shows go off the air but there’s closure. We know Jim and Pam are in Texas living out their lives and that Dwight is doing a superb job as manager and Michael finally got to have his kids. If I had to wait 54 years to find out if Jim and Pam ended up together or had to watch Roy or Karen come back in and try to break them up or that they secretly had a love child no one knew about I would literally strangle someone. I would quit probably after a months worth of episodes. It is amazing to me these people went on for as long as they did. But I think all their final days are near. I don’t see them lasting. The new soap operas are putting out 15 episodes at once online and then making the audience wait a whole year for new ones. It’s more courteous and inclusive that way. You can get new audiences members caught up to the same as the original die hard fans, and between seasons show people can get on with their lives and watch something else.

One Response to “Soap Operas vs. Netflix”

  1. adusheck said

    I agree that there is a lot going on, but for avid watchers it keeps the show entertaining especially since they are watching it every day. Binge watching some shows on Netflix has turned me away from shows I may have watched if I had to wait to watch them week to week or day to day because when watching an episode back to back I like for something exciting to happen every episode and that is not the case.

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