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Soap Operas Suck!!

Posted by laurenivey22 on March 6, 2017

Some soap operas have been on TV for years and I have always been curious as to why they are able to stay on so long. The famous soap opera “Days of our Lives” is one that my mom has been watching since I was born. I realize that soap operas are sort of the typical shows to watch as a stay at home mother. Many people watched the show because its on at 2:00 in the afternoon which is usually naptime for the kids, and a convenient time for them to watch some TV.

As, you can see, its all about convenience. Although, the show was at a convenient time for stay at home moms, other people could have wanted to watch the show as well, but since its right in the middle of the day, its an inconvenient time for people who are at work or a job. Now that Netflix, Hulu, HBOgo, etc. are more convenient options soap operas are losing their viewers and their profits causing shows that have been on the air for years are now coming to an end or getting cancelled because of their lack of profit. Netflix is a more reasonable option because it is something you can sit down, pause, rewind, and fast-forward on. You can also watch it on your own time and own convenience.

Soap operas got their fandom from being aired at a convenient time for stay at home mothers, since that is the fan base they mainly reach. Now that people have Netflix we are seeing less of the soap operas and more of the Netflix. Due to the lack of convenience in soap operas and how it is in enforced in Netflix, soap operas are losing their air time, profit and getting cancelled.


2 Responses to “Soap Operas Suck!!”

  1. adusheck said

    I agree with what you say about the timing, but I am a little embarrassed to admit that I know that there is a channel SoapNet that plays soaps at night. I don’t feel that there are less soaps all the ones that air have been going strong for 50 years or so.

  2. connorfrederick12 said

    I’m fully on board with you in saying that soaps in general suck. But, soaps have had a huge impact on how conventional tv shows are written now days in terms of story line.

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