Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soap Operas

Posted by adusheck on March 6, 2017

I found the readings about understanding soap operas extremely interesting because I grew up watching them with my mom and grandmother and could really relate to some of the things mentioned although I had not really thought about them before. One of the things mentioned is the history of soap operas and the lack of documentation, which is so true but I had just never thought about it. This is so different opposed to shows like Greys Anatomy the show has been on the air for over a decade which is way longer than most tv dramas that are not soap operas and I can go online, legally, on Netflix and watch every episode. Not only can I go online and watch the show but, I can also buy the box set of DVD’s at the store, order a sticker for my laptop, order a shirt with references to the show, and also buy a multitude of other merchandise in regards to the show if I wanted to. This is not the case for soap operas. I will use the soap opera Days of Our Lives which has been on the air since 1965. I grew up watching this show and have never in my nearly 19 years seen a shirt representing anything even remotely related to the show, never seen a box set, and the show isn’t on Netflix or Hulu yet it has aired for over 50 years. I could tell you nearly every character and who their family member is and what twisted situations they have been in but it isn’t because I googled it or binge watched it, it is because my grandmother and mom told me and I watched the show which included a lot of flashbacks and characters coming back from the “dead.”


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