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Soap Operas

Posted by emilymorgan98 on March 6, 2017

Soap operas have always made me curious for a few different reasons. For one, pretty much all of the ones that are on our T.V’s have been one for years and years; even multiple decades and I am curious how they are able to stay on for so long. I always remember, though, my mom saying that when she was younger she and her cousins would get home from school and they would all go over to her grandmas’ house and sit and watch soap operas. It even got to the point that as she got older and even got into high school she would still come home and watch them and, as DVR’s came into play, I can remember her recording all of them, especially the Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. She always tried getting me to watch them with her but I was never to really get into them like she could. Every now and then I would end up seeing a scene here and there from one of them and I always thought they were really weird.  I always think it’s funny that they have characters that will die but then end up coming back somehow if the audience gets upset enough about a certain character dying.

With this though, every time I think of soap operas think of Friends because one of the main characters, Joey, was on a soap opera for a few seasons. Think he was supposed to be on Days of Our Lives.


One Response to “Soap Operas”

  1. connorfrederick12 said

    I can relate to this post pretty well. My grandmother always watched soap operas every day, “Days of our lives”, “The Young and The Restless” and “As the World Turns” were her favorites and I remember her watching them everyday and she would always get so into them.

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