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Growing Old Together

Posted by jasendavis on March 6, 2017

I never knew about the fandom that surrounded these soap operas. I used to spend summers with my grandmother, and she loved them. She knew all of the characters and their stories. I’m sure ATWT was one that she watched religiously. I hated them, mostly due to the same reasons Sam listed as reasons people loved them. I hated the drawn out dramatic pauses, the convoluted storylines, and the complicated character ties. I absolutely hated them. They are the reason that I love watching golf now; it was the only other thing to watch Thursday and Friday afternoons.

I would like to draw a parallel between these shows and the dramas that we see today on Netflix. These series emphasize the relationship that actors can make with viewers. Take House of Cards for example. Kevin Spacey was thrilled to do the show mostly because he knew he could develop a character that viewers would come to know and love or hate. Francis Underwood was an absolute ass, a characteristic that likely turned people off, but I loved. I thought it made the show that much more entertaining. Outside of the fourth-wall breaks, most of the aspects of the show are the same as soap operas. The show features over-the-top storylines, long-term and recurring characters, elaborate development and what seem to be unrealistic occurrences in the characters’ lives. I think it is safe to say that without soap operas, it is likely that we wouldn’t have some of these Netflix original series that some of us love.  


2 Responses to “Growing Old Together”

  1. lillieeastham said

    I think it’s interesting that you hate soap operas, but love House of Cards. I think the main difference is the importance of the drama in House of Cards vs. soap operas. House of Cards focuses on drama that affects the whole country, while soap operas are mainly relationship drama. Also, the production quality of House of Cards is obviously much higher.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    I like how you brought in House of Cards because Netflix shows has the same amount of fan support that soap operas do because those shows can get as much content as a soap opera does.

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