Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Growing Old Together

Posted by emilychildress329 on March 6, 2017

This essay really opened my mind to soap operas. As I had stated in a previous blog post, my mom would watch them all the time, but I really struggled to get into them when Hannah Montana was playing on another channel when I was younger. I am not as familiar with soap operas, so I thought it was only fitting that I find one online and give it a shot.

While watching the most famous “Days of Our Lives”, I noticed just like the essay said that they focus so much more on the actual characters than the setting and background of the whole show. I thought this was interesting when I tried comparing it to my favorite TV show Supernatural because while the characters Sam and Dean have a major role, it’s more about the demons that they are chasing after. I think that many people choose shows like Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and many others because of the suspense to the show. Soap Operas try to build a suspenseful aspect, however, I think they come across as much comical. Another reason that they are not as appealing to the eye, is because they do not get enough views and money to support more for the show, which leads the the crazy overrated storylines. Today, the more popular the TV show the better the ratings and they more the audience is invested. This creates room for more improvement and more quality of each one of the shows. I believe that where soaps are older and appeal to the older generations, they do not put in the effort to try to keep up with the trends in todays world.


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