Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Growing Old Together

Posted by marylennoxhalf on March 6, 2017

I have always been aware of soap operas, as growing up my mom would watch them each week. But I usually was never interested in ever joining her to watch them, probably because I did not understand the plots at all times. Soap Operas are so dramatic, and full of so much information that it sometimes loses my attention. Up until recently I had not given much thought to soap operas at all.This class, as well as watching episodes of Friends on Netflix, has introduced me again to Soap Operas and their role in society today and for past years.

There is an episode of Friends, in which one of the main characters, Joey, gets a part in the popular Soap Opera, The Days of Our Lives. Joey loves his role as Dr. Ramoray, and suddenly becomes hurt and offended, when he gets his lines for an upcoming episode and finds out his character dies.While being so sudden, Joey was terribly upset that he would not be on the show anymore.  This introduced to me to the quick and always changing cast of Soap Operas. It was very simple for the producers to decide it was time for Joey’s character to end. During most shows I watch these days, though, if a character dies or suddenly does not come on anymore episodes, there is a major uproar! Fans get upset and they are astounded that the producers would do that to one of their favorite character. This is very different to the way Soap Operas are. There is always a possibility that next week, someone who you were just introduced to could be thrown off! Although it is different, it is interesting to notice the main differences in Soap Operas and other shows.


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