Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by mackenzie brown on March 6, 2017

Fans are so engaged in the soap operas they watch that it becomes a big part of their life and affects them. For example, when I was watching Grey’s Anatomy when something sad happen it would make me sad and I would cry if it was really sad. It seems crazy to say but you connect with with the characters and feel for them when something happens. The story line of the shows is everything and keeps audiences engaged. If the story gets boring audiences will stop watching so it’s key to keep it interesting. It is true that viewers build a sense of community because these shows last so long and go on for what feels like forever. The viewers can relate to characters and things going on in their lives so that makes this sense of community tighter. There are usually so many characters that many different types of people can relate in different ways to each characters. It so much easier for viewers to talk about the show with other viewers because of social media. There are so many blogs and websites that audiences can voice their opinions about the shows and talk to other viewers and bond over the show. I think it’s really cool that people form these little communities because they watch the same shows. It’s a really good way to meet new people and make new friends. There are many fan clubs that viewer can belong to as well. It gives people the opportunity to meet people all over the country and even the world sometimes.


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