Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Transmedia Engagement

Posted by nasir502nasir on March 2, 2017

I find it interesting that “pro-wrestling” like WWE is compared to soap operas like Young and the Restless and such. This comparison was made and brought to my attention when i was younger and i fully agreed. Wrestling is like a big soap opera catered to males. Think about it. Soap operas are just there for the story line, entertainment and plot twists. That is exactly what WWE is with fake fighting. And since none of it is real and it is all staged it is basically a soap opera for males or a more hostile, maybe younger group of people. Transmedia engagement is the fact that you can find these these things in the form of DVDs or video games, with wrestling at least. The text describes transmedia engagement as “gifts” to fans and that is fully understandable to me, as well. These things keep fans connected and engaged to the subject. Especially for younger people. Wrestling video games and DVDs give the opportunity to take the matters of the entertainment into their own hands and that always seems fun for the younger population. This engagement is everywhere around us. It is almost shocking that we used to not have these such things and it wasn’t really long ago. Not long ago were we watching VHS tapes and there was no such thing as DVDs or video games. Especially games as specific as WWE wrestling where the characters are people you really see on TV with full voices and character traits.


2 Responses to “Transmedia Engagement”

  1. adusheck said

    I found this interesting too because I did not really see any similarities between the two before reading this. Even after reading this I don’t think there are many similarities between the two because soap operas are much more persistent and have way less merchandising.

  2. cameronbrooks3 said

    I feel like the only similarities between WWE and soap operas are that they are super dramatic. WWE is just a show for fans that love violence and watch it because to them it is fun. For soap opera fans is the same just without violence (depending on the show).

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