Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Part 3 Response

Posted by adusheck on March 2, 2017

The reading touched on the times that television shows air and the effect that that has on them, as well as the channels that broadcast the shows and the effect that that has also. This was interesting because we just talked about piracy and the reasons that people pirate which this continued to prove that viewing time is a HUGE reason. An example that the book gave was shows that aired on Friday nights not having a lasting lifetime on television because nobody watches during this time. This is interesting depending on the age of viewers because teen-adult shows probably shouldn’t be aired at this time because this age group will be out doing things whereas television channels such as Disney and Nickelodeon typically air new episodes on the weekends because kids are usually at home to view these shows whereas adults are typically in during the week and out on the weekends. Another thing discussed in the book was choosing which networks show which shows which makes sense. Although I have never really thought about it or noticed it but typically certain networks play majority the same types of shows whether that be reality, comedy, drama, or whatever else it may be. If I wanted to watch a reality show I wouldn’t turn on Disney and if I wanted to watch something funny I wouldn’t turn on CNN or MSNBC. I think it is true that a channel has influence on whether or not we watch a show or movie regardless of if the commercial and description look/sound good because we know that we don’t like anything else about that channel so what would make this show or movie different?

3 Responses to “Part 3 Response”

  1. lillieeastham said

    I remember when I was a kid one of my favorite things about Friday nights was watching the Disney Channel Original movie. It makes me wonder what the viewership is like for adult shows such as SNL and the Tonight Show because you would think they would struggle with this problem as well.

  2. I like how you mention how certain networks show certain things at different times because of the age differences for their viewing ratings. It makes sense that way because, like you said, kids are home during the weekends and adults go out. I have also never really thought about how certain networks have similar types of genres for the shows they choose to show.

  3. emmaeled said

    Another thing that is funny to look at when you see certain types of shows, for example Crime Dramas, all on one network and then another network tries to ride their coattails of success and roll out crime dramas themselves. Ultimately most of them never last when their on different networks than the first one to master them because they simply don’t fit

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