Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Value of Media Engagement part 3

Posted by emilymorgan98 on March 1, 2017


                When the section was talking about how authors, such as Charles Dickens, needed andengaged reader; someone who would track down new books from said author and read them was easy to relate to. As I have grown up there have been a few authors that I have kept track of in case they have a new book coming out. Since about freshmen year of high school I have been obsessed with the author Sarah Dessen. I had needed a book for a silent reading period we would have in English and I saw one of her books at Walmart and ever since then I have been hooked. I have all of her books and if she releases a new one I usually am able to get a hold of it within a few days or even weeks. Besides her there was a series my sister and I were really big into and every time a new book in the series would come out we would flip and freak out and make sure to get it that day as well as spend a few days re-reading all the previous books. Sadly, the authors kept dragging everything out and there are about 12 (if not more) books in the series and we ended up just losing it.


                In the section about valuing “cult” audiences, live tweeting got mentioned and it made me stop for a moment because I can remember when that became the new thing to do during a program and I remember my mom and I getting so aggravated by it because it seemed like in the beginning the T.V. people would use the hashtags way too much to where I kept getting distracted by them instead of actually watching the show.



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