Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Transmedia Engagement

Posted by mackenzie brown on March 1, 2017

In this text I found it interesting that they compared professional wrestling on Tv like WWE to soap operas. Both WWE and soap operas have a storyline and are based off of storytelling. You can find both of these TV shows on DVD’s and they also make other things going along with them such as video games or websites which is an example of the transmedia engagement. The volume and duration of these shows are what makes them stand out to viewers. I liked the part of the text when they described transmedia material as “gifts” to fans. I definitely agree with this because if they didn’t have all of this transmedia material then then fans and viewers couldn’t be so engaged. So it is, so to speak, a gift from the companies to put these tools out there for fans to further engage in the material. Like they say in the text, most viewers expect more than just a TV show so it puts more pressure on the producers. Whether it is a website, blog, or game of some sort fans expect transmedia for TV shows. If you think about all the TV shows out right now you can pretty much look them up on a website or find them on DVD’s and Netflix. It’s crazy to think not even that long ago none of this existed, you just had your TV shows and that was it. There wasn’t any blogs or websites or DVD’s of the show. I think that sometimes it can be a little much because some of it is unnecessary. To a certain extent it’s really cool to extend the media for the viewers and it probably brings more revenue to the producers anyways so it’s basically a win-win.


2 Responses to “Transmedia Engagement”

  1. The portion about WWE and Soap Operas is very understandable being that WWE is basically a soap opera for males who like more violence than love and all that stuff. None of it is real of course. That is honestly how I’ve looked at WWE since I found out it was fake when i was small.

  2. tommistowers said

    I too thought it was weird that they compared an soap opera to WWE television show. If you think about it, soap operas tend to get more men than women. For WWE it is too like that but men are more involved than women. Women often make a story line up when it comes to soap operas. While men often try to come up with the next move that the wrestler is going to make next. GOOD JOB!!!

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