Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement, Pt.3

Posted by tristendenney14 on March 1, 2017

As I finish the second section of Chapter 3 and this chapter comes to a close, I am slowly beginning to piece together the ultimate goal and idea of “spreadable media” in popular culture. For example, throughout this last section of Chapter 3, I feel like “Transmedia Engagement”, “The Total Engagement Experience”, and “Valuing Cult Audiences” were the three subsections that stood out the most to me. First, “Transmedia Engagement” opened my eyes to the possibilities of monetary values these large companies producing our favorite TV shows, movies, and other media entertainment are making. From DVD sales, to merchandise, to website content, and video games, the possibilities are endless, and we consumers cannot get enough. By expanding the range of outreach these types of media have, views and ratings can only go up for these companies; therefore, this is a great idea in business as society begins to shift to the emergent-engagement model. Next, “The Total Engagement Experience” and “Valuing Cult Audiences” have similar points connecting the two topics. An example is shown when Spreadable Media states, “These first two motives, however, are closely aligned with a third: the desire to increase engagement by recognizing and rewarding the most heavily committed viewers” (137). These “most heavily committed viewers” are the same people who make up these “cult” audiences. These fans make up the various fandoms that not only go “against the mainstream”, but ultimately form the majority of audiences in popular culture that influence these popular shows or movies through voicing their opinions on things like social media or forums. Without these “cult” audiences or fandoms, we would most likely not get to see what we wanted to in the media industry today. Furthermore, as media continues to spread and transform further into transmedia, we must continue to voice our opinions, and help the “spreadability” of media change for the betterment of society.


2 Responses to “The Value of Media Engagement, Pt.3”

  1. jacobkaraglanis said

    I like how you mentioned the cult audiences. This reminds me of our class discussion that we held on Friday. These ideas and such on cult fandoms just go to show that producers cannot count out the cult followings of their shows, because of how extremely dedicated they are.

  2. faythleighann said

    I love that you mentioned the cult fandoms. I agree that they are basically the voice for the rest of us that have opinions and wish to see certain things in media but aren’t as heavily invested. The cult audiences are the perfect example of a multiplier that the companies listen to.

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