Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value Of Media Engagement (part 3)

Posted by faythleighann on March 1, 2017

In the second half of chapter three: The Value of Media Engagement, primarily focuses on the method of which to get an audience to engage and then the experience itself. A great example used in the book is soap operas. As briefly discussed in class, soap operas are basically internal in media. This is because production uses methods such as multiple storylines, an overwhelmingly large cast, and broad topics to interact with various audiences. As easily stated in the book, “they provide a storytelling universe substantially larger than the show itself.”  This relates way back to the original idea of “spreadable” media because it can be versatile. Usually what soap operas focus on his dragging out a simple story for as many episodes (or even seasons) as possible. However, now these shows are becoming less popular and being cancelled. This is because of the busy schedule that we all have. There are two factors causing this decline in audience: time and effort. Time can be seen two ways: the timing of the aired shows and how long really are. Most days, nobody has the time to sit down at one in the afternoon for two hours to catch up on who had an affair with who. The time slots for the shows are inconvenient and lead to less viewers. This emphasizing the effort it takes to keep up with every episode, every story, and each character. One reason I always avoided watching soap operas with my grandma was because they were so long, and the stories were connected but only indirectly, and it was so confusing. But that was only because I didn’t watch them as often as she did to understand the full picture. Soap operas have the basic idea to engage an audience and expand the brand, but I think that the relevance and convenience to newer audiences are as popular.


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